This isometric view of Deimos, the first of two rockets, is resting on our new 80x20 rocket launch pad

Above: This isometric view of Deimos, the first of two rockets, it is resting on our new 80x20 rocket launch pad.

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Above: Last years plane getting ready for its first mission.

Above: The computer systems being put together for the Luna Rover. 



  •  NASA University Student Launch Initiative, or USLI, is a competition that challenges university-level students to design, build and launch a reusable rocket with a scientific or engineering payload to one mile above ground level, or AGL. The project engages students in scientific research and real-world engineering processes with NASA engineers.

    Students propose to participate in USLI during the fall. Once selected, teams design their rocket and payload throughout the academic year. USLI requires a NASA review of the teams' preliminary and critical designs. The project also requires flight readiness and safety reviews before the rockets and payloads are approved for launch. Teams complete a Post-Launch Assessment Review to include conclusions from their science or engineering experiment and the overall flight performance. The Preliminary Design Review, Critical Design Review and Flight Readiness Review are conducted by a panel of scientists and engineers from NASA, NASA contactors and external partners.

    The top-placing teams in USLI are invited to participate in USLI Level 2, which requires teams to design and build a reusable rocket and launch to an altitude of 10,000 feet AGL with water recovery at NASA's Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia.

    NASA Student Launch Projects are sponsored by ATK Aerospace Systems. The annual launch event is hosted at Bragg Farms in Toney, Ala., and launch services are provided by the National Association of Rocketry.
  • Team leader:
              Matt Mahlin
  • Team members:
              Bryan Kubitschek
              Paul Kubitschek
              Mirzo Mirzokarimov
              Bethany Drain 


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  • DBF, or Design Build Fly, is a competition to design, build and fly a remote control plane with a mission. The mission varies from year to year. This year there are three missions:
  • Mission 1   The most laps around a course in 4 minutes
  • MIssion 2   Successful complete 3 laps with payload
  • MIssion 3   Fastest time to reach 100m altitude

  • Team leader
          Kearney lackas

  • Team members


  • The NASA based competition is to design, build, and compete luna rovers with the mission to excavate luna dirt with certain constraints.

  • Team Leader
          Avery Quandt

  • Team members
         Aaron Knapp
         Kevin Kreis
         Michael Toczek
         Alex Renken
         Derek Homan
         Evan Beachly
         Joel Bannings
         Charlie Sullivan
         Mirzo Mirzokarimov


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